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12 Best Employee Timesheet Software in 2023

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You might not know it, but the first name in history linked with the modern concept of a timesheet is Williard Bundy. That’s right – the man who invented and patented the first automatic mechanical time clock back in the 1880s.

Today, many companies still use a time card-based system similar to the one introduced by Bundy all those years ago – in fact, the entire time clock system we use today is often referred to as a “Bundy clock”. And while the technology has come a long way since the days of Bundy’s original invention, the basic principle remains the same: employees clock in and out at designated times, and their total hours worked are tracked and recorded.

However, with so many technological advances, it’s no wonder that timesheet software has evolved into various types. Timesheet software can now be used to help track time spent on projects, tasks, or clients.

While all of these types of time tracking tools have their pros and cons, we’ve compiled a list of the 10+ most useful employee timesheet software in 2023. Whether you need a simple way to track hours worked or more complex tools for project management, we’ve got you covered. Read on if you are either just starting out in your search for a solution or are currently using one but aren’t satisfied with it. We promise you will find something that meets your needs. But before that, let’s get to the basics first!

What is an Employee Timesheet Software?

Employee timesheet software is a type of computer program that lets employees track the amount of time they spend working on specific projects. With just a few clicks, this information can be used to generate reports that show how much time was spent on each project, as well as how many hours were worked in total. Timesheet software can also be used to calculate payroll.

By tracking the number of hours worked, the software can automatically calculate how much each employee should be paid. This can save employers a lot of time and money, as they no longer need to calculate payroll manually.

In addition, timesheet software can also combine with GPS tracking, and it can help to improve workplace productivity by providing employees with a way to track their own performance. By seeing how much time they are spending on each task, employees can identify areas where they need to improve. As a result, employee timesheet software can be a valuable time tracking software for any business.

Why Compare Employee Timesheet Software?

Confusion arises in the minds of workers as well as employers about the best time tracking software for their business. Many software companies have mushroomed in recent years, each claiming to offer the most satisfactory employee timesheet software for employee monitoring. How can you be sure you are getting the best deal for your money? In order to find out which employee timesheet software is most suitable for your business, you need to compare them. Here are a few reasons why comparing employee timesheet software is a smart move:

By comparing different employee timesheet software or time tracking mobile apps, you can get a better idea of what features are available and how they can benefit your business. Each software company will focus on different aspects of employee productivity, so it is important to find one that offers the features that are most important to you.

Another reason to compare employee timesheet software is to get an idea of pricing. Some companies charge a monthly fee, while others require a one-time payment. There are also some companies that offer free trials or money-back guarantees. By comparing pricing, you can find the most affordable option for your business.

Finally, another reason to compare employee timesheet software is to get an idea of customer support. Some companies offer 24/7 support, while others only offer limited support hours. By comparing customer support, you can be sure you are getting the help you need when you need it.

Best of Employee Timesheet Software

There’s no shortage of employee timesheet software on the market these days. But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to determine which one is right for your business. To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together a list of the best employee timesheet software solutions, along with key features and pricing for each.

Employee Timesheet SoftwareIdeal forFeaturesCompatibilityPrice
QuildoBusiness of all sizes, agencies and consultanciesTrack project lifecycle, team members’ time, progress, earnings.Reports on ongoing projects on a daily, weekly, and monthly basisAndroid, IOS, Mac and WindowsStarts at $39 per user/ monthly.
ScoroBusinesses, remote teamsGantt Chart, track the progress of events, projects and tasks, KPIs and performanceWindows, Mac, IOS and AndroidStarts at $29 per user/ monthly.
BeeboleSmall to large businessesTime tracking, timesheets, invoicing & billing, billable hours , payroll, GDPR &DCAA compliantAndroid phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac and WindowsIt starts at $7 per month.
HarvestBusiness of all sizesTracking employee hours and tasks, integration with office management tools such as Xero, Asana and QuickBooks. Export  Harvest invoice and payments to accounting software Windows, Mac, IOS and Android   Starts with $12 monthly
TogglSmall to large businessesRecord billable and non-billable hours.Generate a real-time project scope backed by employees’ time tracking.Easy and transparent payroll. Android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac and WindowsIt starts with $9 monthly.
AvazaBusinesses, remote agencies and consultanciesVarious ways to track time and enter new day view.Custom hourly rates for each project, person and category.Transparent invoicing and reporting It works with IOS, Android, Mac and WindowsStarts with $11.95 monthly
RepliconBusinesses, remote teamsManage time off, holidays and more through Time Off Tracking in Replicon’s Project Time Tracking Product Suite.Custom timesheets with validation rulesIt is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac and Chrome extensions.For $12 per month
ClickTimeRemote teams, business and agenciesEmployee Timesheet automation to fill timesheet with estimated project time. Sync Google Calendar to ClickTime.It works with IOS, Android, Mac and WindowsStarts with $10 per month.
Zoho ProjectsBusiness of all sizes, agencies and consultanciesEfficiently organize work, break down projects into smaller bits, such as tasks, subtasks, milestones, etc.Includes project progress, budget, team productivity, capacity, availability and work hoursIt is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac and Chrome extensions.Starts with $5 monthly.
ClockifySmall to large businessesRecord weekly tasks with detailed calendar.Visualize days, block hours and create events on OutlookIt works with IOS, Android, Mac and WindowsFree
Time DoctorAll kinds of businessesTrack time with simplified yet innovative customized tools. Improve timesheets, billable hours and payroll  Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android phones & tablets and IOSStarts with $7 per month.
EverhourSmall to growing businessesTrack time spent overall on projects, tasks, time off, and clients.Integration with  project management and accounting software such as JIRA, Asana and ClickUpAndroid, IOS, Mac, WindowsIt starts with $6 monthly for 2 users.
Employee Timesheet Software Comparison Table

12 Best Employee Timesheet Software

Quidlo Timesheets

Have you been looking for a seamless employee time tracker compatible with other software like Slack and Jira? Search no more. Quidlo is a widely used time tracker software for your company’s needs. The app provides deep insights into projects, allowing you to divide hours, create custom reports, and export data to Excel and Google spreadsheets.

Quidlo Timesheets Employee Timesheet Software Preview
Quidlo Timesheets Employee Timesheet Software

The timesheet lets you track time the way you like with no added restrictions. Quidlo syncs your data safely between your phone, web, and desktop app. Quidlo Timesheet is at the top of our list because it’s the flawless way to track your time and get paid for your hard work. With Quidlo, you can clock in and out with just a few clicks, and see exactly how much time you’ve worked – no more guessing or trying to remember what you did all day. So what are you waiting for? Give Quidlo a try today! You won’t be sorry.

Key Features: 

  • Track your project lifecycle while adding tags/notes and organize and filter your tasks

  • Keep you on top of your team members‘ time, project progress, earnings

  • Assign users & roles while creating project and task

  • Create & manage several organizations with users and data separately

  • Custom reports on ongoing projects on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis


Starter: Allow up to 10 users—access to in-chart time tracking, unlimited projects, timer and voice assistance support, etc.

Pro: For $39 per month ($29/month for annual payments), access lock timesheets, time approval, role management, unlimited users and projects 

Enterprise: Plans explicitly designed to meet your organization’s goals. Features include everything in pro and much more.

Start tracking time with Quidlo Timesheets

Free for small teams. No credit card required.


Sometimes companies seek something more comprehensive when picking an employee timesheet management software to take their business to the next level. Scoro is one of the most powerful software available in the industry.

It is commonly trusted by small businesses to large consultancies around the globe. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Scoro is the control hub for getting your work done smartly and efficiently. Scoro allows CRM, time tracking, invoice creation, project management features, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Through Gantt Chart, track the progress of events, projects, and tasks

  • Allow teams to collaborate with a fully end-to-end work management software

  • Access a full view of each client, including contact information, previous projects, shared files, and invoices

  • Track your KPIs and performance while identifying opportunities and obstacles

  • Connect Scoro application to your current calendar and storage application for data integration 


Essential: For $29 per user per month: Access projects, calendars, dashboards, summary financial reports, invoices and receipts, and more

Standard: For $42 per user per month: Access Gantt chart & dependencies, phases & milestones, time tracker, recurring tasks, project templates, etc. 

Pro: For $71 per user per month: Access planner, project budgets, timesheets & time locking, margin & markup, sales pipelines and utilization reports, and more. 

Enterprise: Plans explicitly tailored to meet the organization’s goals. Features include everything in pro and much more.

👉 Visit Scoro website


Next on the list is Beebole. It is a cloud-based time-tracking software that allows businesses to track time, project progress, invoicing, and reporting. Beebole’s user-friendly interface makes it widely popular among all sizes of companies to record time.

Beebole Employee Timesheet Software Preview
Beebole Employee Timesheet Software

It allows managers to review and lock teams’ time entries. It is said to be one of the most secure time trackers available in the market. The software provides daily backups, unlimited storage, and strong encryption and complies with GDPR and DCAA. The app works both offline and online. It allows users to submit timesheets from anywhere.

Key Features: 

  • With flexible features, track only what is required, whether employee timesheet, projects, and billing & reporting. Hassle-free employee time attendance tool for remote teams and businesses

  • Generate & track billable and non-billable time reports

  • Manage employee time off quotas through integrated PTO tracking 


Free: 30-day free trial

Pro: For $7 per month, unlimited client access, projects and tasks, and customizable reports. Add remote users as per your needs. 

👉 Visit Beebole website


Did your business recently go through a significant shift and is now searching for employee time-tracking software to keep you and your team productive? Then, Harvest is your answer. It is one of the industry’s most popular time-tracking and project-management tools. Harvest can be your companion when dealing with remote employees.

Harvest Employee Timesheet Software Website
Harvest Employee Timesheet Software

The app has plenty of interactive features that let you track time for specific clients, projects, and as a whole team. It allows adding labels, notes, and tags to keep everything updated. Compliance and Data Structure are the two most important areas for any time tracking software. And Harvest has proven mastery in both areas.

Key Features:

  • Ideal solution for tracking employee hours and tasks

  • Integrated with other office management tools such as Xero, Asana and QuickBooks

  • Through visual team capacity, keep updated on your teams’ overall performance and workload

  • Create a copy of your Harvest invoice and payments quickly and send them to your accounting software

  • Generate an estimated project deadline using previous projects’ data


Free: 30-day free trial. Access 1 seat and 2 projects. 

Pro: For $12, access unlimited seats and projects. 

👉 Visit Harvest website

Toggl Track

Do you find yourself constantly questioning your team’s productivity? Toggl is an employee time tracking software that can help put your mind at ease. With a user-friendly interface, Toggl is easy to use and provides weekly and monthly breakdowns. Built-in idle detection keeps you updated on time tracking. Whether you’re billable or not, Toggl can help you stay on top of your game. So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stop beating yourself up and give Toggl a shot!

Toggl Track Employee Timesheet Software Preview
Toggl Track Employee Timesheet Software

Key Features: 

  • Create 25% more record billable and non-billable hours

  • Multiple employee time tracking software and many integrations to work whenever you want on your web, mobile app or even smartwatch

  • Generate a real-time project scope backed by employees’ time tracking to prevent over workload and burnout

  • Easy payroll based on hourly rates.


Free: 14-day trial

Team: $9 per month, plan and track unlimited projects

Business: $15 per month, collaboration with clients, and everything in the team plan

👉 Visit Toggl Track website


Another popular business management tool that allows online timesheets, payroll, project management, online payments, billing, and invoicing is Avaza. The app also integrates with other business management software.

Avaza was launched in 2014 by two IT veteran Australians. It is compatible with the mobile app, chrome extension, and desktop. Companies using Avaza save time through efficient timesheets and expense tracking. It provides fast online payment directly from the members’ invoices.

Key Features: 

  • Various ways to track time and enter new day view or bulk updates weekly 

  • Import timesheet in bulk past days or week 

  • Custom hourly rates for each project, person, and category 

  • Review and approve non-billable and billable timesheets and receive reminders 

  • Transparent invoicing and reporting


Free:  1 user with timesheet and admin role

Startup: For $11.95 per month: Unlimited chat access, 20 active projects, 50 invoices and billing, and more.

Basic: For $23.95 per month: Everything in Startup plus 50 active projects, 20 GB storage, 100 invoices and billing, and more.

Business: For $47.95 per month: Everything in Pro and more. 

👉 Visit Avaza website


Replicon is a broadly standard software and other services for time management, project time tracking, and workforce management. Replicon offers customized software suites that cater to different office management areas.

Replicon’s Project Time Tracking Product Suite is quite popular among businesses and consultancies. The app is used by companies to keep track of their salaried and hourly employees. If your goal is to administer, optimize and track time and time off, it would be worth considering Replicon for your organization.

Key Features: 

  • Manage time off, holidays, and more through Time Off Tracking in Replicon’s Project Time Tracking Product Suite

  • View Replicon’s resource availability calendar while assigning projects to team members 

  • Custom timesheets with validation rules to meet your organization’s requirements 


Free: 14-day free trial 

Pro: For $12 per month, access TimeBill, ProjectTime, Expense, TimeOff and more. 

👉 Visit Replicon website


ClickTime is an ideal solution for small to medium businesses searching for employee timesheets & expense-tracking software. It allows managers to plan and utilize team members’ time thoroughly.

The app offers tools to administer business operations, billing, invoicing, and meeting project deadlines. With ClickTime, you can get a customizable time-tracking plan to meet your industry standards. It is compatible with Android, IOS, and desktops allowing users to upload files and review timesheets anywhere. ClickTime is compliant with SOX, DCAA, and other protocols.

Key Features:

  • Employee Timesheet automation to fill your timesheet for future projects with the right information based on previous projects

  • Sync Google Calendar to ClickTime to automatically plan and track your project with clients and team members

  • Easy Time Tracking Stopwatch lets users record employee performance. It is accessible through iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and windows


Free: 14-day trial 

Starter: For $10 per month, includes time tracking, email reminders, and 70+ reports 

Team: For $13 per month, includes everything in Starter plus workflow approval, advanced billing, time off management, and more. 

Premier: For $24 per month, includes everything in Team plus project budgeting and resource planning and more.

Enterprise: Specifically tailored plans for organization needs 

👉 Visit ClickTime website

Zoho Projects

The last software on the list is Zoho Projects. It is a relatively new and emerging project management and employee timesheet software available in the market. More than 200,000 customers are availing their services presently.

The software provides plenty of customizable options and interactive features for the user to manage teams, get detailed reports and deliver projects on time. Zoho Projects is ideal for all kinds of businesses. It is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and Chrome extensions.

Key Features: 

  • To efficiently organize your work, break down projects into smaller bits, such as tasks, subtasks, milestones, etc. Begin your work by enabling a timer and stop them after completion of work to record your hours automatically into the timesheet

  • Manage project costs and budget to improve cost management. It displays planned vs real-time project costs to deliver detailed reports. 

  • Detailed project dashboard includes project progress, budget, team productivity, capacity, availability, and work hours

  • Compatible with Microsoft and JIRA import. 


Free: Access to 2 active projects, limited storage space.

Premium: For $5 per month, unlimited access projects, 100GB storage space, 20 project templates, and more.

Enterprise: For $10 per month, unlimited access projects, portfolio dashboard, Global Gantt charts, custom roles, profile and domains, and more.

👉 Visit Zoho Projects website


Many startups and small businesses need more time to invest in hefty time-tracking software in the early stage of their ventures. However, this does not mean they can’t get their hands on the best software in the market.

The next on the list solves the problem effortlessly because it is absolutely FREE. Yes, you got that right. Clockify is suitable for businesses, educational institutions, NGOs and digital agencies to track billable and non-billable hours and optimize productivity across ongoing projects. It is compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

Key Features:

  • Record your weekly tasks in a second

  • For multiple devices, access your timer through a pin code to keep data secure

  • With a detailed calendar, visualize your days, block hours and create events on Outlook



👉 Visit Clockify website

Time Doctor

As the name suggests, Time Doctor is truly a doctor to help your track, optimize and plan your employees’ time and productivity to boost results. The app provides deep insight into projects, clients and daily tasks.

Time Doctor Employee Timesheet Software Preview
Time Doctor Employee Timesheet Software

You can utilize the generated billable hours to create payroll for your salaried and remote employees. Time Doctor also integrates with other CRM, project management and accounting software in the market. It is compatible with IOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Chrome extensions.

Key Features:

  • Track time with simplified yet innovative customized tools

  • Immediate results to improve timesheets, billable hours and payroll

  • Dashboard to navigate your summaries, reports and employee availability


Free: 14-day trial

Basic: For $7 per month, access unlimited time tracking tools, screenshots, projects and activity tracking and more.

Standard: For $10 per month, everything in basic and payroll, 60+ integrations, track apps and URLs, etc.

Premium: For $20 per month, everything in standard and VIP support, client login access, unlimited groups, data storage and more.

👉 Visit Time Doctor website


The last employee timesheet software on the list is Everhour. It is currently an emerging time tracking software in the industry. Everhour is an all-rounder for all your project management, time tracking and workforce management needs. It works best with IOS, Android phones, Windows, and Mac. It is also a good Clockify alternative.

Key Features:

  • Track time spent overall on projects, tasks, time off, and clients

  • With seamless integration, optimize time inside popular project management and accounting software such as JIRA, Asana and ClickUp

  • Utilize Zapier to import and export data between Everhour and other applications


Free: Access 5 users, unlimited time tracking solutions, projects and reports and more.

Lite: For $6 per month, Access 2 users, billable rates and profits, budgets, reminders and more.

Team: For $10 per month, unlimited users, access to Single sign-on (SSO), API, Scheduling and more.

👉 Visit Everhour website

Best of Employee Timesheet Software Buyers Guide

Timesheet software is an important employee time tracking app for businesses because it helps to ensure accuracy and compliance with labor laws. It also allows businesses to track employee hours and identify trends. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions about the business.

Additionally, timesheet software can help to improve communication between employees and managers.

However, when it comes to choosing the most profitable employee timesheet software for your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To help you make the best decision for your needs, we’ve put together a list of eight features to look for in a timesheet solution.

1. Ease of use:

The software should be easy to use so that employees do not need a lot of training in order to use it. The interface should be intuitive, so employees will be able to navigate it easily. This will save you time and make the software more user-friendly.

2. Accurate tracking:

The software should be able to track employee hours worked accurately. This will help you avoid overpaying for underpaying your employees. It will also help you keep track of employee hours worked so that you can plan future staffing needs.

3. Employee self-service:

The software should allow employees to clock in and out, view their hours worked, and request time off. This will improve employee satisfaction by giving them more control over their work schedule. It will also save you time by allowing employees to manage their own time off requests.

4. Approval workflow:

Choose a solution that includes an approval workflow so you can review and approve timesheets before paying employees. This will help prevent errors and ensure that employees are paid correctly.

5. Reporting:

Find a solution that offers robust reporting capabilities. This will allow you to track employee hours, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions about your business.

6. Integration:

Choose a solution that integrates with other business software, such as payroll or accounting software. This will save you time and ensure that data is transferred seamlessly between systems.

7. Customer support:

When something goes wrong, you want to be able to get help from the software company quickly. Look for a company that offers live customer support so you can get assistance when you need it.

8. Price:

Don’t overspend on timesheet software. Shop around and compare prices to find a solution that fits your budget. By keeping these eight features in mind, you’ll be able to find the most suitable employee timesheet software for your business needs.

Bottom Line

As businesses strive for accuracy and efficiency in their accounting, employee timesheet software is becoming more and more popular. While different software options are available, the best employee timesheet software in 2023 is still likely to be that which is most user-friendly and easy to navigate. In an increasingly competitive market, businesses will need to find employee timesheet software that meets their specific needs and makes life easier for their employees. The right employee timesheet software can make all the difference in a business’s bottom line.

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best time tracking software on the market. We hope you’ll take the time to compare and choose the best option for your business.

So don’t get left behind – find the perfect employee timesheet software for your business in 2023!

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