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10 Best Clockify Alternatives in 2022

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A time tracking app simplifies time analysis and timesheet collection, so you no longer have to scan, fill out, and keep paper timesheets. 

Would you like a productive employee? Who doesn’t, right? But how do you guarantee they are always on their toes? If you are a startup, you would know how challenging it is to present projects on time.

Carefully monitoring the time spent on every project, task, and client throughout the day is essential to ensuring productivity and efficiency. Manually tracking time is just a waste of time. Instead, using a powerful time-tracking app can be an excellent solution. 

Rated as the best timesheet app, Clockify can also measure payroll and track billable hours based on your workers’ hourly rates. However, the market these days provides much time tracking apps to customize your needs and enable unlocking new productivity levels.

Below is a complete list of best Clockify alternatives you would like to consider: 

  1. Quidlo Timesheets 

Quidlo Timesheets is a time tracking tool that enables you to monitor, manage, and boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. You can track time spent on working, see project milestones, and handle payments. This Clockify alternative also supports manual entries and time editing to guarantee accuracy. 

Quidlo Timesheets Time Tracker Screenshots

This app also allows you to handle your team and company. It supports separate data and multiple groups. You can invite relevant team members and set up projects for improved organization and tracking. 

One of the cool things about Quidlo Timesheets is that they can be deployed through a self-hosted server or the cloud for enhanced security. It’s accessible as a desktop, mobile, and web app.

  1. Harvest 

Harvest is an hour-tracking tool with an intuitive interface, making it simple to use for everybody. It has different features categorized into four groups: streamlining workflows, budgeting and invoicing, reporting and analyzing, and time tracking. 

Harvest Time Tracker Website Screenshot

Harvest supports start-stop timers, tracking reminders, and manual entries for time tracking. Time reports display your tracked time, letting you determine opportunities for improvement and productivity. 

It also creates invoices from the hours registered, emails them, and delivers reminders as well as thank you notes.

  1. TimeCamp 

TimeCamp provides dozens of features and yet looks simple to use. Like other time tracking apps on this list, its free account enables you to add, filter, and categorize time entries by tags, tasks, clients, and projects. 

TimeCamp Time Tracker Website Screenshot

This app provides numerous exportable and insightful reports for profitability and productivity analysis. The free version lets integrations with over thirty apps such as Trello, Podio, Asana, and Slack.

Also, you can add numerous users, clients, and projects to the free plan. When your business thrives, you can choose the paid version and get access to TimeCamp’s project management tools. 

  1. TMetric 

TMetric is another excellent time tracking app that provides team management, time tracking, billing, project management, reporting, and invoicing features. However, its free plan only provides standard features like integrations with web apps, reporting, and time tracking.

TMetric Time Tracker Website Screenshot

Its prominent features include manual entries, timer tracking, timeline view, idle detection, and bulk editing. The desktop version enables you to track time when you are offline. 

The free plan is limited to five users, even though you can add unlimited clients and projects. 

  1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a free time tracking and work functionality management app. It does not feature an automatic time tracker, meaning you must log hours manually. You can add billing rates and deadlines to projects, manage tasks, and make invoices. 

actiTime Time Tracker Website Screenshot

This app provides numerous reports for monitoring the performance of your team. These include detailed time-track, estimated versus actual time, and time spent on tasks. You can also convert those reports into graphs or charts with a simple click and get relevant insights. 

Often, you don’t need all the features that this app provides. You can decide to disable the unwanted features and declutter your dashboard.

The actiTIME free account supports integrations with most apps (except Quickbooks) and can accept three users. This is the ideal time tracking app if you need detailed reporting and task management features. 

  1. TopTracker

TopTracker is another free time-tracking software made by Toptal. The app is made particularly for freelancers, enabling you to invoice your clients and add billable hours. In addition to the automatic time tracking feature, you can manually edit or add time entries. 

TopTracker Time Tracker Website Screenshot

The desktop app also monitors mouse clicks and keyboard hits and takes webcam shots and screenshots. Furthermore, the keyboard shortcuts let you start or pause the timer with a single keystroke.

This tool makes complete reports, displaying the time used across different tasks and projects. Such insights can help you improve productivity and determine the areas for improvement. 

  1. Toggl Track 

Toggl Track is a feature-loaded yet intuitive Clockify alternative that lets you make it easy to monitor your time. The free version has all the reporting and time-tracking features that a small business owner or freelancer needs. These include manual and automatic time-tracking, team management, reporting, and one-click tracking.

Toggl Track Time Tracker Website Screenshot

The easy dashboard does not overpower you with data but still enables you to do important functions. On top of that, the Reports and Insights tab provides simple-to-read reports that you can easily filter by team, tags, projects, and clients. 

The best feature of this app is that you can begin time tracking with an easy click without inputting client or project details. 

Thanks to the automated idle detection feature, you can also eliminate idle time blocks from the tracked hours. Also, the Pomodoro timer enables you to use the Pomodoro technique to make the most out of your productivity. 

  1. DeskTime

DeskTime is both project management and time-tracking app. It provides a shift-building tool that can help stop overstaffing or understaffing, and it also has user interaction and time tracking features. 

DeskTime Time Tracker Website Screenshot

This tool puts the employee first. The shift request feature assists field service teams by putting the power in team members’ hands. Users can also pick their ideal shift times with a simple button. That benefits managers by keeping them aware of any shift swapping that may happen without their knowledge. 

DeskTime advertises itself as more shift-oriented than Clockify. Despite its corporate-sounding name, the app’s shift-based time management features could make it attractive to more field-service-oriented businesses. 

  1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a dependable time tracking app that will not enable you to log and track your working hours but also lets you focus by helping you find a unique and dependable working style.

RescueTime Time Tracker Website Screenshot

By providing information on how you spend your time—such as focus guidance and distraction breakdowns—RescueTime’s goal is to help workers learn how to handle their time more efficiently. 

RescueTime is a monitoring tool that works in the background, gathering data on your productivity based on distractions versus focused work ratio. The tool monitors your productivity according to how you grouped the apps you are using as either disruptive or productive. 

  1. Timely 

Timely is a great Clockify alternative that enables you automatically monitor and evaluate your work hours across documents, emails, meetings, and websites. The app comes with an organized and intuitive task planning feature, which enables you to get a good overview of the project timeline

Timely Time Tracker Website Screenshot

This time-tracking app works best for small teams and individuals focused on task and project planning. It is also ideal for teams and people seeking an automatic tool to monitor billable hours. Nonetheless, users may find the app a bit clunky for a rather costly pricing plan, even though the automatic time tracking app needs minimum interaction. 

Where it lacks pricing and detailed reporting, Timely makes up for it in nearly fully automatic time tracking and team and project visual planning. The tool specializes and flourishes in making a hands-off approach to time tracking and allowing users to use their time resources more effectively. 


In summary, choosing the best time tracking app for your company or team can be challenging. With lots of choices on the market, each with its unique and diverse combination of features as well as functionalities, it can be confusing to even the most decisive people.

Nonetheless, after you weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of the best solutions accessible—and compare them against your particular requirements and needs—you can be more confident you have made a smart and well-informed decision. 

So, feel free to use our guide of the best Clockify alternatives that provide ultimate functionality at a competitive price for you and your team. 

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of a time tracking app pick one from the list and get started. You can visit their official website and conduct more research to learn more about them. 

Remember that a great time tracking app will not just simplify the workflows for you and your team but also increase productivity. We recommend you start using the app through a trial plan. That lets you make an informed decision and determine if the features of the app cater to the need of your company or not. Happy time tracking! 

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