The simplest spreadsheets' replacement
for teams.

Do you find...

...your team struggling with logging time swiftly?

...your workload reports lacking hours every month?

...other products too complex or overpriced? difficult to catch how well your projects are doing?

We did! That's why we've created Quidlo Timesheets.

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We believe less is more, that's why we've built the simplest possible time-tracking tool with a few fancy features on top.
Track time, generate reports, add as many team members as needed. All in one easy and clean tool.

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Track time the way you like

Start or continue a time tracker for your activity with one click, else enter all your hours in one go. Logging time has never been so simple.

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You're in good company

We've been using Quidlo Timesheets to track time in projects for some of the world's best-known brands.

Quidlo Timesheets works both on desktop and mobile

Time tracking shouldn't be a hustle, so don't waste time trying to catch up. Instead, focus on what brings real value to your business.

Webapp + Mobile

Our web application works on all PCs, iPad and Android tablets.

Always on the go? Download iOS or Android app and have an easy access to Timesheets wherever work takes you.

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Integrations' roadmap

We've implemented integrations with the most popular tools to let you track time without leaving your favourite app.
We're doing our best so you could work less.

G Suite Asana Slack Microsoft
Jira Hangouts Chat
G SuiteJust one click and set up Quidlo Timesheets for your entire G Suite organisation. Microsoft Sign-in via Microsoft account. Slack (Coming Out in May) Log time via Slack.
Generate timesheet reports directly in your Slack channel
Asana (Coming soon)Log time directly in Asana
task view.
Jira (Coming out in May) Log time directly in Jira
task view.
Hangouts Chat (Coming out in May) Log time via Hangouts Chat.
Generate reports directly in your Hangouts Chat room.

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