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How to Manage Project Members

You can add unlimited organization members to all projects in Quidlo Timesheets. Invited team members can track time and generate time reports of a specific project they are added to. Depending on which role you assign to them, they can also invite other team members to project.

Project team members management is available in the Projects tab of Quidlo Timesheets. Navigate to it and you will see a list of projects you can manage. Choose the one you want to add members to by selecting it from the list or searching using the search box you find in the top right corner of the project list screen.

Quidlo Timesheets project list screen.
Quidlo Timesheets – Project list screen

Click on the project you want to assign team members to. Project details screen will be shown.

Quidlo Timesheets edit project settings
Quidlo Timesheets – Edit project settings screen

Navigate to the bottom of the screen to see the list of project members in the Project team section. All members of the team can track time and generate time reports for the data they tracked.

Quidlo Timesheets – Project team list screen

Members with a project role Manager can add members to projects and generate time reports for all project members. 

Please type the name or email address of the organization member you want to add to a project. It is important to make sure that person is already added to the organization otherwise it will be not possible to add it to the project. 

Please choose the project role using the drop-down list and click on the + button to add a new project member.

Quidlo Timesheets adding new project member
Quidlo Timesheets – Add new project member

Removing project members

Removing project members is really simple. All you have to do is to click on the delete button on the right in the row representing the project member you want to remove.

Quidlo Timesheets remove user confirmation pop-up
Quidlo Timesheets – Remove user confirmation pop-up

A project member removal confirmation pop-up will be shown. Please confirm or cancel the operation.

Time tracking data of removed project members is still stored in Quidlo Timesheets. So even if a project member was removed, you can still see his data when generating reports. 

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