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How To Remove Account or Leave Workspace

Steps for Workspace Owners

Remove Account

Are you a Quidlo Timesheets workspace owner? You can remove your Quidlo Timesheets account easily. Before you do it, please check the requirements below:

  1. You have to make another person an owner of your workspace
  2. Then change your role to employee or administrator
  3. After you change your role, go to My profile, then choose Delete account. To delete your account, you have to confirm it by typing DELETE, then click the DELETE ACCOUNT button.
Delete Account Pop-up Preview
Delete Account Pop-up

In case you own more than one workspace and want to remove your account. You have to repeat the same steps for all your workspaces.

Leave Workspace

As a workspace owner, you can leave a workspace ONLY after you change your role to employee or administrator. 

  1. Go to the workspace details page
  2. Click on the LEAVE button 
  3. Confirm you want to leave the workspace
Leave Workspace Pop-up
Leave Workspace Pop-up

Steps for For Non-Owners

Every employee can delete his account or leave a workspace. We don’t have as strict rules as in case of workspace owners.

In case you leave a workspace or remove your account, you will lose access to all data in all workspaces (delete account) or just a specific workspace (leave workspace).

Your manager and owner of workspace will still see your time logs. Even after you have left a workspace or removed your account. Then, the only way to remove your time entries is to remove them by workspace owner.

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